Our company carries out the maintenance and repair of human and veterinary medical instruments, equipment, instruments, handheld devices and accessories, including various flexible, rigid, semi-flexible endoscopes and all other endoscopic devices.

Diversity of our service by territories / products, without the need for completeness:

· electronic devices / equipments

              - revision, maintenance

              - minor, medium and major repairs

              - halogen, xenon bulbs and led light source repairs and bulb replacements

              - check and repair of camera systems, insufflators, liquid pumps

· flexible endoscopes

              - revision, maintenance

              - minor, medium and major repairs

· rigid and semi-flexible endoscopes

              - revision, maintenance

              - minor, medium and major repairs

· repair of handheld medical instruments

              - cutting tools, knives (surgical, nose-ear-throat, autopsy, eye-care etc)

              - scissors (surgical, gynecology, nose-ear-throat, autopsy, ophthalmic etc)

              - chisels (surgical, orthopedic, nose-ear-throat etc)

              - forceps (surgical, gynecology, nose-ear-throat, eye-care etc)

              - spatulas, lifters (surgical, ophthalmic, nose-ear-throat, gynecology etc)

              - spreaders, dilators, probes (surgical, gynecology, eye care etc)

              - spatulas (surgical, ophthalmic, gynecology, others)

              - clamps, forceps (surgical, gynecology, nose-ear-throat, eye care, others)

              - pinchers, notchers (surgical, orthopedic, nose-ear-throat etc)

              - crushing devices (surgical, orthopedic, others)

              - pointed-, spearhead devices, punches, punctures

              - bone surgical tools and instruments (saw, hammer, motor, drill, cable etc)

              - medical needles, tendrils, rinsing devices and syringes, mirrors, others

· laparoscopic and arthroscopic handheld devices and instruments

              - revision, adjustment, maintenance

              - minor, medium and major repairs

· repair of accessories

              - asepta and sterilization boxes

              - blood pressure meters

· realization of custom needs, ideas, and customization, transformation and personalization of existing tools and accessories

(major brands for which we provide service solutions: Aesculap, Arthrex, Hall, Karl Storz, Olympus, Pentax, Richard Wolf, Rudolf, Storz, Stryker, Synthes, Wisap, Wolf, Zimmer)


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