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We can provide a wide range of instruments for the following applications and areas of operations:
surgical handheld instruments, laparoscopic instruments and their accessories
 - light sources, light cables, halogen and xenon bulbs
 - gynecological handheld instruments, endoscopic instruments and their accessories
 - urological handheld instruments, cystoscopic, hysteroscopic, laparoscopic instruments and their accessories
 - arthroscopic handheld instruments, endoscopic instruments and their accessories
 - arthroscopic consumables, shaver and saw parts and attachments
 - imaging systems, camera systems
 - ear-nose-arthrosis instruments, endoscopic instruments and their accessories
 - liquid pumps and their accessories, various consumables and tubes
 - endoscopic gas (CO2) pumps and their accessories, consumables
 - our self developed intruments, custom-made devices
 - high speed drills, electric and air driven motors, shaver systems
 - devices/tools for endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic use of internal medicine
 - veterinary surgical and endoscopic diagnostic devices and their accessories
 - custom-designed, custom-made / developed veterinary instruments and devices
 - …
 - treatment of incontin
the latest generation device of neurotech for the treatment of incontinence;
its use is easy, convenient, flexible and very effective;
compared to medicines, it does not cause unpleasant side effects;
combines electrical muscle stimulator and biological feedback;
performs continuous monitoring, based on the user's individual needs;
              - it is aimed to eliminate the real causes of the problem, unlike medicines;
              - multiple treatment options: NMES, EMS, ETS, EMG;
              - effective treatment of female and male incontinence;
              - free of side effects, safe, simple operation

For economical solutions, we offer a wide range of products and models of high quality, easy-to-use, compatible designs, both in German-made and self-developed endoscopes, endoscopic devices and accessories.
They are also available for repair-exchange with 1 year full warranty!
Products are compatible with Pentax, Olympus, Storz or Wolf, so they can be easily adapted to existing systems.

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