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Based on emerging needs and inquiries, we design and make the changes of the required devices for our human and veterinary partners and even perform complete modifications and personalization. In case the modification demands become overwhelming, then we create a whole new system / device which is fully custom made. Based on this increasingly frequent demand, our own development and research activities have been started about five years ago, which has since become more and more important in our company's operations. Including but not limited to the following, we briefly present some specific ongoing research & development and production projects.

Manufacturing, research & development, custom needs:

· medical devices and instruments

· flexible endoscopes and their accessories

              - manufacturing of veterinary medical endoscopes

              - design and manufacturing of custom made endoscopic devices and instruments

· rigid and semi-flexible endoscopes and their accessories

              - design and manufacturing of custom made endoscopic devices and instruments

              - rebuilt and modification of optics, telescopes

· modifications and manufacturing of retractors

              - design and manufacturing of custom made retractors

              - rebuilt and modification of retractors and spatulas

· design, creation, custom made and customization of human urological and veterinary water treatment systems, sterile water production systems

· modernization and rebuilt of existing water treatment solutions (e.g. Moabit)

(major brands for which we provide service solutions: Aesculap, Arthrex, Hall, Karl Storz, Olympus, Pentax, Richard Wolf, Rudolf, Storz, Stryker, Synthes, Wisap, Wolf, Zimmer)

For specific needs or specific ideas, please contact us to clarify the options, customization possibilities and production time.

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