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Szövegdoboz: „Capacity ENHANCE INVESTMENT
AT Calmed Invest Kft”
Basic project details:
·	Project id.: GINOP-1.2.2-16-2017-00004
·	Requested support: 16 455 000 Ft
·	Measure of support: 50%
·	Total budget of project: 32 910 000
·	Expected finish of project: 26.06.2018.
Description of the project:
The main areas of our company group include development and sales of surgical towers, incontinence handling devices, pain relieving and muscle stimulating devices for hospitals. We manufacture urological systems in our manufacturing activity. In recent years our company has developed products and equiment from own resources into operative and specialist environments, and in the operation in the filed of surgery. One of these is a lack of hospitals, an urological system. In order to optimally and efficiently implement the modular expansions to be implemented on the basis of the working base system and the available plans and to maximize patient safety, it is necessary to test system developments and, in particular, to test the functional equivalence of the modules. The testing process, which is the basis for system development, has a total of three components for the development phase, which is the test phase of our production capacity: 1. Endoscopic workstation (camera control, camera head, monitor, light source, endoscope stand) 2. Endoscopic optics and accessories (various endoscopic telescopes, flexible light cables etc.) 3. Simulation environment and control devices (custom-made tester with human model, testing devices, endoscopic pump, endoscopic high frequency device). As a result of the tests on site, the development time for each module is shortened, many tests and product development can be carried out in parallel in their own test environment, resulting in even greater savings in time and significantly advancing the sale of the finished product.
Location of the project:
3360 Heves, Egri út 26. hrsz.: 735
The project was implemented with the support of the contributing organizations:
Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium
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Infovonal: 06 40 200-617 

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