Our company group’s first member has been founded nearly 25 years ago to provide comprehensive service and maintenance services for flexible endoscopic systems for healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, private clinics). This activity has now been partially expanded, as besides the flexible system we now deal with rigid and semi-rigid endoscopic systems and their accessories as well and offer our full range of servicing and maintenance activities. We also have expanded our activities, based and built on the experience gained in service activities, our main activity expanded with the development, the modification, and customization of medical devices. During servicing and maintenance of endoscopic systems, we encountered many types of problems and malfunctions that users were not and still are not prepared for, neither repairing nor replacing, but for the sake of continuity of patient care, it is imperative to handle them quickly, so we have developed our development and manufacturing capacities. This reduces the number and length of downtime for users, and as a result, their service and patient care levels can be increased to a higher level as systems become significantly more reliable.

After correcting these errors parallel to this, the need to modify devices occurred more and more often, so at the beginning only minor modifications and then complete rebuilds and personalized customizations were made so that customer needs could be met. Some of the transformation needs are so big that sometimes the creation of a completely new system / tool is earier so our own development and research activity has been created more than 5 years ago which represents a constantly growing part in our company.

With our own development, we launched our qualification assurance activities and medical device certification processes at the same time, so we both carry out CE certification procedures for our own developments and also to our partners inside and outside Europe. Furthermore we provide assistance in these processes and can serve as European Representative for non-European companies having products with CE marking.

Main activities:

· Expansion, modification, development and delivery of operation towers for hospitals and clinics

  (laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, surgery, veterinary medicine, gastroenterology etc.)

· Expansion, supplement, development and delivery of imaging systems

  (laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, surgery, veterinary medicine etc.)

· Research & development and sales of accessories for operation and surgical towers
(rigid and flexible accessories and hand instruments, telescopes, optics, light cables, adaptors, devices for disinfection etc.)

· Developing and sales of clamps and retractors for operation procedures
(stainless steel retractors, clamps etc.)

· Treatment of incontinence, sales and service of device
(treatment of all types of incontinence of men and women, including urine and bowel problems)

· CE certification for medical devices and also acting as EU representative


We have the following major qualifications for our activities:

· foreign trade and economist graduate;

· skilled mechanic technician;

· fine-mechanics engineer;

· low and high current electrician;

· medical-optical engineer;

· skilled developer and maintainer of endoscopic devices and instruments;

· production manager and logistics graduate

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