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Project details:
Project id.: 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00223
Requested support: 37 662 152 Ft
Measure of support: 75,271734 %
Total budget of project: 50 034 920 Ft
Finish of project: 30 November 2019

Description of the project:
The project developed a prototype of a complete medical system, including sketches, diagrams and flow charts, technical design and calculations, analytical and computer-aided simulations, external-internal schematic diagram of the system, zero level first flow, physically tangible unit and then the assembly of the complete testable system and the performance of the tests, research and studies, the necessary modifications of the prototype and their implementation, the assembly and maintenance tests, the design of the medical certification and the preparation of its preliminary process. In addition to analytical modeling and calculations of the system, some functions and processes were also supported by computer modeling and simulations. Material and structure tests as well as mechanical tests and examinations were also performed on the assembled system and its components.
Dry and wet tests of valves, sensors and filters (under service conditions) were performed, followed by liquid tests in the operating environment during the live tests. The operating processes were examined and evaluated, as well as the durability of the system, the flow stability and the compliance with the desired operating and output parameters were evaluated and analyzed. Process testing was performed in three ways: in an operating environment, in an artificial laboratory environment, under extreme conditions based on simulations and models.
Complete high-current and low-current circuits as well as control mechanics were also designed for the system, the design and programming of which was also a task performed during the project. The safety and life protection systems were built-in, as well as the control and regulation systems. These were implemented on the basis of their own designs, which were validated during the tests.
The prototype ran hundreds of hours in an operating room, in controlled and supervised situations, but also in real surgical conditions, for which test results and evaluations were made, and during which some suggestions for development and modification were made. Some of these ideas, needs and suggestions, which we found to be marketable and feasible within a reasonable framework, have been incorporated into the latest version, thus making the developed equipment user-friendly and practical.
In order to communicate the results of the project, as well as to better understand the different fields, assess their needs, and learn about its future changes and operating conditions, we participated in professional events, both in Hungary and in foreign countries. We originally planned to attend 4 professional conferences organized in Hungary, but one of them was missed, so in the end we were able to participate in 3 domestic conferences and we also participated in 3 foreign events. These were national and international conferences.
On one occasion, we also published our results in a large national daily newspaper.

Location of the project:
1191 Budapest, Attila utca 34. hrsz. 162346/1.

The project was implemented with the support of the following intermediate organization:
Nemzeti Kutatási, Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal
Cím: 1077 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér 1.
E-mail: nkfialap@nkfih.gov.hu 
Infovonal: +36 1 795 9500
Honlap: https://nkfih.gov.hu/

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